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Perennials Beautiful Flowering Roses "Rainbow Happy Rose Seeds"
Perennials Beautiful Flowering Roses "Rainbow Happy Rose Seeds"
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Gourgeous Perennials

 "Rainbow Happy Rose Seeds"   Zones 3-9

A incredible breakthrough in multicolor roses

This sale includes a pack of 3 seeds

Rainbow Happy Roses are produced by injecting some special type of die in the stems.   I dont know how to do that, but with research, that is how they are made.   This is a new item and the seeds were sold to me from one of my suppliers as rose seeds from Rainbow Roses.   I have not had the time, to but am going to grow some myself.   Since I cannot guarantee the exact coloring of the flowers from these seeds, I just want to state that the flowers may vary to the color of the roses seen.   They are guaranteed to be fresh rose seeds and you should have success to grow, and it will be exiting to see the colors of the blooms.   I just want to be as clear as possible so you can purchase these seeds with as much as I personally know at this time.  Perennials are the main stay of every garden.    Rainbow Happy Roses do well in zones 3-9 and provide a great background.    They are a shrub type rose so they can grow up to 6 feet or trimmed to desired size.  Growing from seed is exciting as it will look like or have many variations similar to the original.  They should be included in every garden as you add stability and reliability to your garden.    Most Perennial seed does better if the seed is prechilled, a minimum of a month, to assist replicate the normal environment of perennials naturalizing outside.    By purchasing perennial seed and very inexpensive prices, it gives you the gardener the opportunity to try many different beautiful and wonderful plants.   So please take advantage of the many perennials offered.

Most perennials like a organic rich soil mixed with rich soil, and some sand to ensure stability and proper drainage.    Most basic fertilizers may be used, either regularly miracle gro, and or a basic non burning fertilizer such as 5-5-5 or 8-8-8.    This will assure the nutrients that are lacking in most soils will be included.   

I provide many different perennial seed, so please take advantage of the multiple shipping discount.   If you are looking for something that I dont have listed please ask, as I am not able to list many of the seeds that I have. 

Welcome, hopefully we can help to make your garden a most wonderful place!

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